Goals and Visions

When science becomes a passion

Since reading »The Double Helix: A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA«, people know that science has a lot in common with emotions and fun. But for those working in the field of pharmaceutical science the awareness for the relevance of perfection becomes integral part of daily life. Maybe it is this specific combination which brings together very different types of characters?

United in striving for the better solution

Whatever the reasons, the idea which drives the members of the SocraTec family is always aiming for the better solution. The better solution often is the simpler one. It is not only perfection; often it is the combination of simplicity, perfection and knowing what really counts. But – it is also often the small things that count and finally lead to satisfied customers.

Where people are at the core

People working at SocraTec are individualists, their experiences, skills and personal qualities are treasure and – at the same time the invaluable resource of SocraTec as a medium-sized enterprise.

But of course respect for people is of even greater relevance in clinical research – where people participate in science to pave the way for better medicine for others.

That’s what we are all aware of!

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