Our Experts

Maria Anschütz

Maria Anschütz, a pharmacist by training, joined SocraTec R&D in 2002. Together with her team – the project managers and the project management assistants – she is responsible for trial protocol development, project management and reporting. With her penchant for perfection, she is a guarantor for inspection-safe study performance and documentation. Very early in her career she scientifically specialised in the field of early phase clinical trials and thus is today responsible for all studies being realised in our Clinical Pharmacology Unit.

Henning Blume

Henning Blume, founder and owner of SocraTec and Professor of Pharmacy at the University of Frankfurt, is a highly established expert in the broad field of biopharmaceutics. At SocraTec R&D he is a highly valuable sparring partner for all colleagues when tricky and demanding solutions are needed. But he also supports our clients with highly -sophisticated consultancy activities in SocraTec C&S.

Maike Narten

Maike Narten, a graduated biologist with a profound scientific background and a markedly pronounced communication talent, discovered her interest in medical and pharmaceutical research very early on. Her keen perception and her ability to get acquainted to new subject areas quickly, together with her excellent English language skills, acquired during a long-term stay in the USA of several years, are a good foundation for her career as a medical writer. Her enthusiasm for scientific discourses qualifies her to be an optimal partner for our clients during scientific advice projects as well as for our consultancy activities. This combination of qualifications enables her to accomplish a scientifically profound business development for our company.

Barbara Schug

Barbara Schug, founder and owner of SocraTec and since the beginning managing director of the company, is a pharmacist by training but from the beginning focused on pharmacology to build the bridge between both faculties at SocraTec. Her background very early resulted in including patients in early -phase trials at the SocraTec R&D Clinical Pharmacology Unit and in pushing the development into later stages of clinical trials. She is today actively involved in all study design developments at SocraTec and brings in her broad view and her enthusiasm for methodologically perfect approaches.

André Warnke

André Warnke, a pharmacist by training, joined SocraTec in 2002 as a project manager. Very early it became obvious that his open-mindedness and decision-making courage predestined him for new business fields. Accordingly, he set-up the Brazilian activities of SocraTec R&D and built the path to later phases of clinical trials by establishing a monitoring group at SocraTec. In 2012 he became a management board member and managing director of SocraTec R&D.

Ralph-Steven Wedemeyer

Ralph-Steven Wedemeyer, a pharmacist by training, specialised in pharmaceutical technology during his PhD thesis and joined the SocraTec family in 2009. His biopharmaceutical know-how nowadays contributes significantly to the consultancy activities of SocraTec C&S, and consequently resulted in very early high level of interest in pharmacokinetics. Together with Ramon Villalobos-Hernandez and the team at SocraMetrics, he today is responsible for all pharmacokinetic analysis at SocraTec R&D and furthermore heads the company´s department of pharmaceutical technology including the clean-room area at the Clinical Pharmacology Unit in Erfurt.

Melanie Zillig

Melanie Zillig, a pharmacist by training, joined SocraTec right at the beginning. She already worked with Barbara Schug and Henning Blume at the Zentrallaboratorium Deutscher Apotheker and decided to develop the SocraTec R&D and SocraMetrics QA system from the first steps of the company activities. She is highly experienced in GCP and GLP and extended her knowledge to GMP issues related to Annex -13. Together with her team she is responsible for the entire QA- system, all audit activities, the SOP -system and for accompanying all types of inspections by authorities.

For expertise in Data Management, Statistics, IT and EDC see SocraMetrics.

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