Data Management/eTrials

Our DM services – implemented in a company of its own

In 2007 we founded SocraMetrics in order to set up a completely new data management structure following internationally accepted standards – CDISC-compliant with SDTMIG standard and CDASH-based – embedded in a modern and completely validated IT system.

For details see SocraMetrics.

Data management at SocraMetrics includes

  • CRF design and annotation
  • Data Management Plan / Data Validation Plan
  • Database design
  • Data collection (double data entry / electronic data transfer)
  • CRF tracking
  • Data validation and automated edit checks
  • Discrepancy management with pre-approved self-evident corrections (SECs) and data clarifications forms (DCFs)
  • Medical and pharmaceutical coding (e.g. MedDRA, WHOART)
  • Data extraction
  • Database locking
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