Phase II / Proof of Concept

Our phase-II services

In our modern and fully equipped Clinical Pharmacology Unit we run all kinds of phase-II trials under the responsibility of a Clinical Pharmacologist as Medical Director and of an anaesthesiologist being medically in charge of the unit – from phase-IIa trials to phase-IIb trials, from mono-centre to multicentre trials.


Proof-of-concept is not only an issue in the early development of new drugs. Our team is also experienced in PoC trials demonstrating when new galenical approaches or indications shall be investigated

Study population

From healthy subjects of any kind (young, male, female, postmenopausal, elderly etc.) to special populations and symptomatic patients – we manage recruitment challenges successfully and with a high level of reliability: our network of recruiting physicians spread over Thuringia allows us to be successful.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a feasibility assessment of your trial.


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