Maximum number of subjects hospitalised

Our CPU is equipped with 54 beds. Depending on the safety level and the measures to be realised, this is the maximum number of subjects who can be hospitalised simultaneously. Of course, we often realise studies with higher sample sizes, then in a groupwise and staggered approach.

Intensive assessment station

Our intensive assessment station is equipped with a total of 6 beds with cardiovascular surveillance specifically designed for first-in-human studies with an MTD approach and other studies requiring a high-security level.

Subject availability

Our subject database contains more than 2,000 subjects including healthy subjects of both genders. The database is continuously maintained to ensure that the subjects are still active and available. We regularly organise public campaigns in print media and at universities to recruit new subjects. Furthermore, we have good access to a large number of postmenopausal women.

SocraTec R&D enjoys an excellent reputation in Erfurt and the surroundings, so that the feedback on recruitment campaigns for banal diseases allows even larger phase-III trials to be realised in a monocentric setting. For example, for the common cold and cough we are able to recruit 200 to 300 patients in one season (November to May).

Symptomatic patients are recruited via established referral systems all over Thuringia. In the field of oncology our network also includes the densely populated Rhine-Main area.





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