Project Management

Our project manager – your partner

Our project managers care for your projects with enthusiasm and competence. All our project managers have a broad scientific background – all of them are pharmacists by training. This enables them to become acquainted with your trial from the scientific to the medical aspects and to know what really matters. It is again the little things that count – and during the course of the trial there are quite a lot of little things to be done and decided.

They are supported by a well-functioning and effective team of study assistants – that keeps their hands free for actual responsibility.

Our project manager – your team member

Our project managers are dedicated to your projects – and after a while you will realise that they really feel like a member of your team. Your project’s success is their success. We are very sure that you will enjoy working with them.

Sometimes, for example, when your team suffers from a lack of capacity or competence, we even take over certain jobs in your own project management team. Our job is to solve your problem.

Our project manager – your expert

Our project managers gain competence with time. That is why they are accompanied and supervised by senior colleagues in the first years. And – over time they intensify their knowledge in certain fields and become experts for specific services. That is something we actively encourage.

From early phase to phase IV – there is a broad field of expertise we can invest – for the benefit of your project.

Our project management team – the service package

  • Protocol / ICF writing
  • CA / IEC / LA document development and submission
  • Subcontractor management
  • Project management and coordination
  • Financial surveillance
  • Audit / inspection accompaniment
  • Medical writing



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