Ophthalmological trials

Dedicated to the eye

Our highly engaged research-based ophthalmologists and optometrists, supported by experienced phase I investigators, clinical pharmacologists and a professional team of study nurses offer a broad spectrum of eye-related investigations on healthy subjects and patients.

Healthy subjects

First-into-Men in ophthalmology: The ocular tolerability, pharmacokinetics and dose-escalation are often tested on healthy subjects first. In such a setting our modern phase-I-unit offers a perfect surrounding and our experienced team handles the complex protocols. Our technical equipment enables us to carry out all relevant clinical tolerability investigations.

Symptomatic patients

Our well-established referral system allows recruitment of

  • patients with inflammatory disorders such as dry eyes syndrome, allergies and uveitis,
  • patients with diseases of the posterior segment of the eye like macular degeneration, macular edema and vascular disorders,
  • patients with glaucoma,
  • and other eye diseases after a feasibility assessment.

A detailed specification of our ophthalmological trials, the recruitment system as well as the network characteristic is presented in our Ophthalmology Flyer.



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