Honorable Mention of one of our studies together with dinox

News of December 6th, 2022

One of the women’s health studies we conducted together with dinox, got published in Contraception – an international reproductive health journal, and the article was given an honorable mention during the selection process for the Daniel R. Mishell, Jr, MD Outstanding Article Award.

It was named as one of the articles that best demonstrate high quality methodology, an excellent presentation of results, and a discussion that showed an exceptional understanding of the impact of the article relative to other literature and clinical practice.

We congratulate the authors of this paper and wanted to recommend this read to everyone in the women’s health sector, it is well worth your time.

Effect on ovarian activity and ovulation inhibition of different oral dosages of levonorgestrel
Ingrid J M Duijkers, Christine Klipping, Tanja Rautenberg, Barbara S Schug, Prithi S Kochhar, Hermann Osterwald, Michael Oettel
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