5th International Workshop of GBHI in Amsterdam was a Great Success

News of November 3rd, 2022

The 5th International Workshop of GBHI in Amsterdam this year was a great success!
All sessions were filled with brilliant presentations dealing with fed vs fasted studies for immediate release dosage forms, statistical considerations for BE assessment, topical products, as well as
narrow therapeutic index drugs.
As expected, the presentations were followed by lively and sometimes controversial discussions between members of the industry as well as academia and authorities from the US and Europe.
The event was a well organised platform for these important topics with lots of differences in the guidelines of the various authorities but also with some common ground to start harmonization discussions from and also to help to anticipate trends for the future.
It was a wonderful, interesting, fun conference full of relevant topics and lively discussions.
The conference report is currently beeing prepared by our medical writing team and we will keep you posted as soon as it is published and available.
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