Continuing clinical trials during the Coronavirus pandemic – our Clinical Unit is up and running

News of May 21st, 2020

Following the EMA’s Guidance on the Management of Clinical Trials During the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic as well as BfArM recommendations, we have been implementing a comprehensive bundle of protective measures within our Clinical Unit in Erfurt to ensure our study participant’s safety during their participation in our clinical trials and constant data integrity that our clients are used to. All measures taken have been approved by the Ethics Committee and BfArM.

Also the whole project management team, located at our main office in Oberursel, is working with full effort. We have extended the use of our comprehensive videoconference system to stay connected with the team over a distance. Something that we have perfected over the years, working together in joined teams located in Oberursel and Erfurt our two company locations from the beginning.

And since we know that every individual study is different, we define additional study specific risk mitigation measures to ensure our clinical trials can be completed in the best possible way navigating through this challenge together with our clients.

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