SocraTec R&D selected Flex Databases eTMF

News of June 1st, 2023

As full service CRO with all kind of clients from small/mid-sized companies to globally operating corporations, the Flex Databases eTMF System will allow us to make essential documents available in real-time to clients and partners around the world and thus tighten our co-operations.

We also see the possibility to a more efficient tracking of document flow and the possibility to assure inspection readiness of Trial Masters Files more easily.
Besides, the eTMF fully supports the DIA reference model and therefore allows stringent and continuous application of current state-of-the-art requirements in each project.

Furthermore, SocraTec R&D has an established cooperation with August Research for the conduct of multicentre, multinational clinical trials Europe-wide and in the US. Since both companies are now using the same provider, we gain the big advantage for even more seamless teamwork over different countries and time zones. We consider this a huge additional benefit.

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